Kedington Joins GDPR Awareness Coalition

The GDPR Awareness Coalition is a not-for-profit, fixed-term initiative, established in February 2017, to assist in raising awareness of the data privacy obligations for companies big or small, from the global multinational to single employee traders, as a result of implementation of GDPR on the near horizon.

With roots going back in February 2017 with an initial call for collaborators by Garry Connolly, President and Founder of Host in Ireland, the Coalition is currently growing in numbers on a daily basis and involves companies that include GDPR experts, vendors, legal, fiscal, event and general collaborators.

Currently the Coalition is in the rapid formation stage and since the call for collaborators in Feb , has grown to over 66 engaged parties. In addition, it was announced in March 2017 Dennis Jennings, Ireland’s only member of the “Internet Hall of Fame,” will serve as a co-chair with Mr. Connolly.

  • Gather as many Coalition members with a single purpose: “Raising Awareness”
  • The subject matter is complex, the Coalition’s collateral is simple
  • Work to inform ALL business / industry associations of the Coalition’s messages via hosting free-to-attend events
  • Work with associations and other industry groups to run online / offline, not-for-profit events

Colm Lyons, Director of Kedington said, “Kedington are delighted to join the GDPR coalition as an ambassador. We are glad to see the initiative growing steadily as everyone in business needs to understand the implications of GDPR and learn how to look at this as a positive development in data protection, rather than a threat to normal business processes.”

For more information about this initiative or to get involved as an active Coalition Partner, please email